Calculate your conversion rate

Use below calculator to calculate your website/shop conversion rate.

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Calculate your conversion rate

Examples of conversion calculator

  • 100.000 users with 17.000 transactions
  • 600.000 users with 4.500 transactions
  • 823.000 users with 9.834 transactions
  • 1.394.000 users with 11.740 transactions
  • 17.000.000 users with 854.193 transactions

How to increase my website conversion rate using our calculator?

First of all, there are many ways of increasing your conversion rate. If you didn’t signup already, get a free account at MARA. Secondly, subscribe to our Marketing Automation Blog.

How to use conversion rate calculator?

For using MARA conversion rate calculator you will need the following:

  • Your traffic volume (number of visitors) for a specific period.
  • Number of conversions/transactions for the same period.

Let’s assume you want to calculate conversion rate for August.

If you use Google Analytics (or other tracking solution), select the period to be from 1st to 31th August. Then get the number of users and insert it into the left input. Now go to your system that tracks conversions (can be your online shop CRM) and get total number of transactions. Insert the number in second input fields.

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