Product recommendations

33% of your visitors are leaving because they can’t easily find what they’re looking for. Give your visitors a better shopping experience, on both site and email using recommended products. A higher conversion rate and an increase of average order value are the effects of having product recommendations.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Increase average order value with related products or higher valued items! You can create your own cross-sell based on categories, or you can let our system decide products that were bought together.

Over 20 predefined algorithms

Start with our default 20 algorithms and combinations of those. Most used scenarios include: similar visitors, similar purchases, upsell, cross-sell, most popular or items from viewed categories.

Click to purchase conversion rate

We automatically build reports that compute clicks from our recommendations and that were bought within a day from the initial click.

Web PUSH personalization

hello **|firstname|default(”)|**. The same dynamic tags are available for push notifications as well. This is what makes our service much better than competition.

Instant and unlimited delivery!

Want to send to whole list at once? We guarantee message delivery within 5 seconds for entire list. Also sending to custom segments is made very very fast.

How they will look like on your website?

Contact us to see how we can bring product recommendations on your website.

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